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Welcome to SWAT Restoration

Swat Restoration is a family-owned (not a franchise) business located in Brisbane, CA (San Francisco Bay Area) for over 10 years. Our company takes care of Commercial and Residential Water losses along with fire and Mold Remediation. Known for our response time and work quality. When disaster strikes, the clock starts ticking. Our team makes the difference between recovery and total loss.

Our benefits and why choose S.W.A.T. Restoration

We have rapid response units fully equipped for virtually any emergency. Whatever the size of the disaster from light soot contamination in a single room to extensive fire damage in large commercial premises the standard and speed of service will be the same. Our fully trained technicians have helped hundreds of home and business owners through successfully restoring their damaged properties. We provide a 24 hour emergency response service with well equipped and professional staff ready to help you in your hour need.

Common Cases of Damage

Fire Damage Restoration Services

Cleaning up a fire site involves clearing ash and debris, and salvaging what can be saved. In some cases, the clean-up will reveal further water damage, which leads to a drying process and perhaps a property restoration job to replace damaged surfaces and structures. So if you are effected by a fire in your home, and need urgent or emergency advice on cleaning up after a fire, contact us for more information and a free estimate.


Water Damage Restoration Services

Our promise to the insurer and the homeowner is to restore their home to the same condition as it was before the incident. Our company has been delivering domestic and commercial water damage restoration services for over many years. We work as quickly and efficiently as is possible, using advanced speed-drying technology to limit the effects of any secondary damage. Our aim is to ensure homeowners are away from their homes for as short a period of time as is necessary (if at all).


Mold Remediation Services

Mold remediation is a specialized process requiring a unique combination of training and ability. SWAT Restoration’s professional mold removal teams are considered the best in the industry. We have established a reputation for fast, reliable service at competitive prices. Our company was founded on the belief that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance and to provide the public with a healthy environment.


Hazardous Waste Removal

Hazardous material spills can take a hefty toll on all involved parties. Legal liabilities and frustration for affected property owners only scratch the surface of problems commonly associated with spills. Hazardous materials spills including biological, chemical and radiological materials pose a serious risk if not promptly and properly responded to by the individuals who initially identify the spill and the appropriate emergency response staff.