Mold Remediation Services

Landlords who rent out properties that have mould, are at risk of being prosecuted and facing a large fine or even imprisonment. Landlords of tenanted properties are legally obliged to treat mould.

The growth of mold is one of the most unsightly things which can happen in a home. Once it starts to grow then further spread is unavoidable and it’s impossible to disguise. However, aesthetics apart, mold can also be a serious health hazard and it needs to be taken seriously. Removing mould needs a trained specialist in this field. Mold is common in all types of building, particularly in autumn and winter. But it is easily controlled by improving ventilation and insulation and drying wet surfaces. But if mold has already begun to grow, it needs expert attention to ensure that the mold’s root system and active spores are removed.

SWAT’s mold removal experts use biocides and fungicides, which work against the mould outbreak and ensure that no rogue spores can land and germinate. Then we seal a layer of protection over the wall, so that there is no way that the spores can fix to it. The result is that the property is then safe for its inhabitants and landlords are free from the fear of prosecution.

SWAT’s Mold Remediation Service carries a 12-month warranty on materials and labour. The SWAT’s services can also be used to remove the airborne spores.