Hazardous Materials Cleanup Services

Hazardous material spills can take a hefty toll on all involved parties. Legal liabilities and frustration for affected property owners only scratch the surface of problems commonly associated with spills. Hazardous materials spills including biological, chemical and radiological materials pose a serious risk if not promptly and properly responded to by the individuals who initially identify the spill and the appropriate emergency response staff.

SWAT Restoration provides response and Specialized Response Services in Bay Area. This 24-hour service has a record of being fast, fair and professional. We also provide Nation-Wide Response Services through our Spill Responder Network. When you need FAST spill response, or special clean-up services call us. No matter what your business is, your hazardous material incidents, staffing needs or spill cleanup products are our business.

We also can provide specialized, trained clean-up workers for Crime, Trauma and Suicide scene clean-up. These people have been trained in addition to any hazmat training, in working with all types of hazards associated with this type of service.